Standing with Jesus….

Trading my sorrows, trading my pain for his everlasting love and life of abundance

Hello friends,

I am trading my pain, trading my sorrows for his everlasting love and the life of abundance, he died for. Making his sacrifice count for my life today.

Turning a page, releasing all of me for all of him. Today, tomorrow, always. God is good.

I need to let go of the past. Not dwell on the former things, but trusting and choosing to see, that he truly is doing a new thing, that the new beginning is here. Now. At my fingertips.

The spirit guides me into the fullness of life. Letting go of these memories, that bound me to the life of false responsibility. Letting go of the lies, that bound me to living by works, not by his grace.

Jesus, I need you, to show me the way. I am willing to step out in faith and confidence. I can’t keep waiting. My time is now. Please come and get me, help me to cut unhealthy ties and free me from bondage, that is still holding me down.

I have a purpose and a mission. Other people not stepping up, should not hold me down, from living the purpose and the dream you prepared for me.

Thank you for renewed strength. Thank you for a greater measure of faith. Thank you for your deep love. I love you to pieces. You always put a smile on my face, even when all I can do is weep. Smiling through the tears, and seeing the crown of life handed to me. Thank you for teaching me to look up always.

You are my one and only. I cannot resist your love. Amen. Praising you for all that you are and all that you do. πŸ’—


My loveletter to my King

What has been intended for evil, you turn it for our good and for your Glory – thank you Jesus.πŸ™Œ

You are perfect in love, you have not forgotten us – thank you Jesus πŸ™Œ

Today, my friends, I simply want to write a letter to my king, that speaks of my great love for him:

Precious Jesus,

I thank you for the boundless love you have showered on me those last years – even my whole life.

It’s taken me a while to fully grasp, to what extend you love me – today marked a huge turning point. I am speechless and in awe!

All the challenges, all the difficulties, when I prayed and asked you to save me from my enemies, and when it very often felt, you would lead me even deeper into the battlefield, with not much to protect me, other than my faith.

Just lately, as my financial security was ripped from underneath me, and I wondered, if I had misunderstood your guidance, cause how could this place, that I now inhabit be, what you intended for me. Had I not been faithful, shouldn’t you be filling my storehouses?

Well, today I understand: you required me to trust only you – and forever only you, to provide for me. During this time of not knowing, how to go about paying for the mortgage, food, gas and pay my bills – all I could think, was that you would from somewhere bring the money to cover all these expenses.

People came into my life, offering me financial security, by offering to rent my house, other people advised me, to take the offer and live somewhere more affordable, or even go back to Europe, where it would be easier for me to earn decent money for living.

Little did I understand of your true masterplan: YOU ARE ALL I NEED! I needed to learn to trust only you. When I prayed for guidance in all these months, you always showed me, that I should be at rest, because you had me covered. I did not need the money to cover my expenses, I needed to learn to trust you more……I just had no clue, that it would need more faith, and that you would provide it, when I would be able to understand. Thank you, Jesus πŸ™Œ.

You made me read, that it took Moses all the faith he had, to stand in front of the Red Sea, with the Egyptian army behind him, to see the sea being parted in front of him, so that all the Israelites could walk through dry footed. Today you parted my Red Sea, because nothing of this world is more powerful than you.

I would never have understood that truth, when you first asked me to surrender my finances into your hands. Today it has set me free. I am ready to step my foot, one step after the other, into the raging sea, and I know, you will not only calm the storm, no, you will make it recoil and let me walk through, without as much as a droplet of water touching my feet.

Oh, how I love you. Your love for me is as vast as the sky above, as plentiful as all the stars above or the sand of all the beaches in this world of yours. During the time of drought you have increased my faith and you have prepared me to receive all your blessings more and more readily!

Unspeakable Joy, unspeakable Peace flood my soul. You truly are God almighty and there is nothing that is too hard for you. You created the Heavens and the Earth, how could I ever have fallen for the lie of the devil?

I know, Darling, when I say such things, you always remind me, that I did not know any better. And that all I needed to do, is trust in you for better or worse, that my destiny was and still is safe in your hands, and that together we will make it through, whatever the challenge may be. If I just never let go of your hand – and even if I did let go, in the currents of life’s uncertainties, you would never let go of mine, and you would always bring me safe to shore!

Do you hear the love, do you feel the trust, do you receive the respect and reverence I hold for you in the depth of my heart?

You are my one and only – you yesterday, you today and you tomorrow, is all I will ever need.

All that I knew, was the truth, from a knowledge point of view, has now transcended into a knowing of my heart. And this heart of mine bubbles over with love and gratitude for my eternal husband, my best friend, and the one who holds my soul safe and secure in his heart.

Ich liebe Dich – fΓΌr immer und ewig! No doubt about that – ever

Forever yours – in love😍


He parted the Red Sea….

What has been intended for evil, you turn it for our good and for your glory. Thank you Jesus 

You are perfect in Love, you have not forgotten us. Thank you Jesus

Hello my friends, 

to be honest the last few days found me in a bit of worry…..the finances look grim. My next mortgage payment is secure, but not much else is.

Where do we go from here – and what is his plan. I kept reasoning in my mind, if I had gotten his messages all wrong, and maybe I had been listening to the wrong voice all along – which of course I know, I did not. For his peace was with me all this time…..but then again, when you start doubting, the whole universe gets lopsided.

My resources run dry, and here I am trying to understand it all with my human mind – whereas his message to me at all times is: trust the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all things, acknowledge him, and he shall direct your steps. Okay, Lord, I got it. I am just human, and when things get rough, this human mind of mine starts screaming.

I will no longer listen! Promise!

Yesterday, he reminded me, that when the Israelites left Egypt, they arrived at the Red Sea ahead of them the Egyptian Army behind them. The situation was grim – if not deadly. Yet Moses prayed and lead them into believing God for a miracle….and then the Sea parted and let them walk through dry footed. Praise the Lord! 

It was a timely reminder, that God can do all things and his plans for us are good. I am where I am due to consequences (some of them my own, but mostly inflicted by the choices the people around me made). Thank you, Lord, for reminding me of your faithfulness to your children then. I know that you have already parted my Red Sea. All I have to do is move forward and trust you with all my heart.

The other verses you gave me, were Psalm 23 in it’s entirety, and Zepheniah 3:18-20! Thank you Jesus. Your word is enough to quiet my heart and mind. I know, you are as powerful today as when you led the Isrealites out of Egypt – my Red Sea is about to be parted, and you will set me free. 

You will shatter the walls of Jericho again and give me/us the promised city. Thank you Lord! He who reigns forever is my rock and my fortress! I love you more than words can say! 

Trusting and forever trusting.

God is good and he will lift me up with his righteous right hand. 

Praise, Honor and Glory be to God forever – Amen


2016 Trusting him, thanking him – my life is in his hands. I am safe in his arms #thankyouJesus

What has been intended for evil, you turn it for our good and for your glory. Thank you Jesus

You are perfect in Love, you have not forgotten us. Thank you Jesus.

Dear friends

It’s been 4 years and a little over 3 months, since I started blogging, 4 years and a little over 1 month, since I started publishing my blogs on Twitter and Facebook. Wow – I cannot believe that it has been this long. And all that I had the privilege to learn through the course of these years and months, way surpasses what I thought, what my walk with God would look like.

When I look back on how I was then, and how I am now – the changes in how I see life in general now, and how I see the presence of God in everything that concerns me: Joy unspeakable is the truth I live in. He really has renewed my mind in a huge and mighty way. 

He showed me his ways – what life here on earth is truly about. How we are here to learn to love him, and how his heart towards us is love – a love greater and wider than I ever knew possible. 

The heartache and the pain of the last years: all worth it, because I have grown in the knowledge of God, the Holy Spirit and of Jesus…..the holy trinity of God, to an extend, that I could not fathom.

4 years ago, I thought I had reached an amazing level of grace and peace, and I could not even imagine a greater level of grace or peace. Well, I was so wrong. Today a) I get to live in that peace all the time, b) the extend of his love that I can perceive is so much deeper, that even though the bliss of the moment then seemed tremendous, my understanding today goes much deeper, and I stand in awe of his love, his greatness and his sovereignty.

Blown away by his awesome design for this world sums it up nicely – and I know, I am not done yet, or better, he is not done yet, to teach me more and more, of who he truly is, mold me more and more in his likeness. This journey has been intense but so worth it. 

My love for him has grown exponentially with every facet of his character that he has revealed to me. And there is so much more to reveal. For God is so big, that a lifetime will not suffice to learn all about him. I cannot wait, until I see him face to face, until I get to live in heaven, in the house of the Lord, forever.

Y’all know my quest: I want to live in his house forever even here – Heaven on Earth, Return to paradise here on earth for good, that’s my heart’s desire. 

Every step leads me closer into his arms, into his kingdom here on earth. My Jesus is all I ever wanted….. – and by realizing, who he is, that he is pure love, I can live without fear of the future, for I know, he holds my future safe in his hands.

Will you come and join me in paradise, the place mankind inhabited before the fall. Return home with me – God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, the holy trinity of God is waiting there for you.

He is already there, to welcome you, when you are finally ready to accept and receive all he has prepared for you.

God is good all the time, all the time God is good. His heart is so full of love towards all of his creation, and in his time, he makes all things beautiful.

Let’s collectively proclaim and choose to return to paradise, to walk with God, like Adam and Eve walked with God. He is waiting to receive you back into his kingdom, where all things work together for the good of those who love him, and are called according to his purpose. 

His love is so big, so deep and so wide – and I am so in love with him. Thankful for all the lessons, and all he has done for me, that I am forever his.

Please come, and join me in paradise. There is no better place to be!

God bless you my friends, I love you so much! ❀️ I wish you an amazing 2016 – choose Joy – the Joy of the Lord is our Strength. 

Youschka πŸŒŸπŸ’–πŸ™Œ

2015 – or it’s been an uphill battle, but uphill nonetheless πŸ™Œ

What has been intended for evil, you turn it for our good, and for your glory. Thank you Jesus πŸ™Œ

You are perfect in Love, you have not forgotten us. Thank you Jesus πŸ™Œ

My dear friends, 

As the year is coming to a close, I retreat for a moment to take stock of all that happened throughout this year. 

Many hard, difficult and heart wrenching things happened – some I wrote about, some I didn’t. My circumstances are still extremely difficult. But some of the mountains have been removed from my life and some of the circumstances have been remedied during the course of this year. 

God has been by my side through all of it, and he is walking beside me through all that is still heart wrenching, difficult and hard.

I know, that he is perfect in love and that he is my sole provider. When he asked me to surrender my financial security into his hands, I never expected it to look like that. But I know, he will not fail nor abandon me. I am his princess and I will always be – no matter how my bank account in the here and now looks. I may not have much on my name these days, but in him I have everything. I am rich at heart, for he has increased my trust and my faith way above any measure of faith or trust I could fathom.

He is pulling me closer even now. 

His strength in mine, I can do all things, I can face all things. Consequences may look dire, but with him by my side, I can endure all things.

Without my precious Jesus, I cannot live anymore. He is my only source of strength, and with his feet in mine, I stand tall. Thank you Jesus. I love you. Always and forever.

My parents health and their overall attitude has still not budged much, but I see improvement and I believe for complete healing and redemption. I know, that God sees them in all their potential and not in their limited earthly ways. He has promised me healing, he has promised me renewing of their minds. In this promise I stand and I keep standing firm on it, until I see the fulfillment of this promise. Even if it’s only in Heaven.

Likewise for my heart’s desire to be reunited with the love of my life – even if it is only in heaven, that we are together again, while I am here on this earth, I will not loose hope. On Christmas Day, in church, I felt his presence very close…..I will walk in this hope until I draw my last breath.

My children’s uncle died at the beginning of this month. His funeral is today – a very sad time in our lives (even though I have not seen him in many years due to the separation from my ex husband). But again, my Jesus has promised, that we will meet him again in heaven. That he has healed him. Not here, as I hoped, prayed and believed, but eternally.

My friends, this year has been  full of challenges galore, but all of them have pulled me closer and deeper into the arms of my beloved. I know, that probably many of you think, that I have nothing to show, and that I am talking about the figment of my own imagination, for he exists ‘only’ in my mind. 

Yet the vastness of the experiences of his deep love for me is greater than any relationship in the here and now could ever provide – at least until now, or better: since I walked away from the one I loved and who I am connected with eternally. My twin heart. 

Praying that 2016 will provide peace and joy galore. – mind you though, even in the midst of all heartache and pain, the peace never left – the joy did for some time, but God never fails to restore Joy in my heart, even if only for a moment.

I still dream big – for my father is the creator of the universe and he will not give me a stone, if I ask him for bread. I expect big, because he owns the cattle on the 1000 hills. I walk with Jesus – that is my greatest treasure.

Wishing y’all a tremendously wonderful year ahead! May the Lord shine his face upon you and give you his grace and his peace forever.

Your friend forever, 


Off to new horizons

What has been intended for evil – you turn it for our good and for your glory. Thank you Jesus 😘

You are perfect in love, you have not forgotten us – thank you Jesus ❀️

Hello my dear friends,

I am speechless – my God is doing an amazing work in and around me. Certainly we have turned a corner. It’s almost as if I can touch, smell and taste the new. Excitement is flowing through my soul.

My last post may actually have been instrumental in arriving at this new place, this new level of bliss I have reached now. No shame, no guilt has me in it’s grip any more. I can admit failure and I can admit difficulty. I can cry, I can be weak. Because I know, that his strength is best at work and seen in my weakness.

In admitting that we need help, and that we messed up, we invite Jesus in our situation. He then can bring heaven down to us, within our reach! Thank you Jesus. 

I love you so much. With all that I am, you are my one and only! 

I know, the house we live in is his, and he will fund us living here, for as long as he sees it fit. Nothing else matters. Only Christ matters to us. The world has lost it’s power over us. Thank you Jesus.

I feel great and new things emerging. I am ready to publish my book – I am ready to step into the next chapter of my life. Thank you Jesus, for the refining fire you walked me through. From now on, you and I, we have amalgamated, morphed into one. Nothing can come between us. Thank you Jesus.

I can hardly await the new and glorious to arrive on my doorstep. Paradise is near. 

This brings me to another Announcement: my next blog is just around the corner – the next bend. Wow. It is called: Return to Paradise – finally Home. Meet you there my friends…’s going to be awesome. 

Looking back over the last 4 years – I am a bit breathless…..the journey has been bumpy and it’s been a road filled with tears, laughter, pain and whole lot of other things…..but I have been given such joy in my daily life and his all surpassing peace now! Thank you Jesus.

I would do it all over again. Every bump every bruise was worth it. God never wasted any of my tears or any of my pain – everything has been transformed into Joy everlasting, Peace never ending and my heart overflows with a love so deep for my creator and his amazing plan for me.

I am embarking on a new journey all together. I am no longer afraid to receive his blessings manifold, I am no longer afraid to walk into my God given destiny. My Jesus will walk with me – that’s all I need to know.

Jumping in with both feet – see you on the other side – I love you all, my dear and wonderful friends. 

God bless you today and always πŸ˜Šβ€οΈπŸ™Œ


We need your help….

What has been intended for evil, you turn it for our good and for your glory. Thank you Jesus. You are perfect in love, you have not forgotten us. Thank you Jesus. πŸ™Œ

Hello my friends

I never thought I had to actually do this, but the Lord is guiding me, and I am putting it out there: we have funds to cover for one more month.

My savings have been swallowed up by wrong choices, that were not my own. Well, maybe I should have transferred my inheritance money sooner. Probably. But then again, I have to trust, that the Lord knows my predicament, and that he has a plan even in this.

My source of income has been taken away a year ago. Since then, we have been living off the credit line. This is pretty much all dried up now. 

Four years ago, God asked me, if I was going to give my fianaces into his care. I had no clue, what he really meant by this, but I said yes. And I meant it. Over the years he has taken the codependency of my original family away – not just financially, but also the need to be appreciated by them….I am surrendering my situation to his care all over again.

I find it extremely embarassing, to ask for money, donations, to tie us over, until the Lord reestablishes us, where we belong. 

Never once in my wildest dreams did I imagine this to happen. But here I am…..I don’t have a plan, as to how this will all play out, but I trust, that he knows, and if he guides me now, to use gofundme, and let everyone see, that I have not been able to hold my own. Then so be it. 

I confess, I made wrong choices and I was put in devastating situations through my original family. Yet, I allowed it to happen, so I am responsible for this situation. It all boils down to my family making money their save all, change and fix all. I repent and I apologize. 

I know, that without Jesus, I am nothing and I cannot do anything. Every good gift comes from above. So, please, Lord, forgive me, for believing that money saves the day. Only you do. 

You have, over the years, taught me, to fully trust you. During this last year, when my source of income was snatched away, in an effort, to save the family’s wealth, you showed me, that you are bigger. 

When I was about to go out there, and look for a way, to salvage the situation, my visa expired, so I could not help my own. Then, when the visa situation was solved, I took care of my parents for 6 weeks, and then of my mother for 3 months, again, there was no way, to redeem my situation on my own.

I am doing what the Holy Spirit tells me to do – when he tells me to do it, even when I don’t understand it.

It has been tough, but you came to my rescue, provided for two mortgage payments, provided for β…” of my daughter’s tuition. Thank you Jesus. 

Now, again at my wits end, you ask me to ask for financial help from my readers and friends – the truth is, I do not like to appear needy, helpless, no, I like to be strong and capable to do things on my own. But I need you now, my friends, I cannot do this on my own. 

I know I need Jesus – I need him more every day of my life. For doing life alone is so hard. I count on him, to fill my energy reservoirs, to get through the days, and do what needs to be done…..whereas all of me just wants to slump and not move at all, especially now, after 5 months of caring for my parents – don’t get me wrong, I love them, and I was glad, I could be of help. But now I am drained – emotionally and physically – thankfully not spiritually. 

I have to be the administrator of the affaires of the household, I have to be mother and father to my children, I have to provide for their needs, I have to make a home for them – I am tired and exhausted. There is not much more left in me….without Jesus, I would not even have been able to get to where I am now.

I go one day at a time, trusting he will give the mana for this day – and then the next day. 

Now I am trusting, that he will provide again, maybe through you, through this link: – and I am trusting him, that he will guide my steps to where we belong.

Thank you, my friends, I love y’all – forever – whatever you can give is greatly appreciated. Please pray for us. We need your support in this. 

God bless you today and always,

Youschka ❀️