Returning home

What has been intended for evil – you turn it for our good and for your glory. You are perfect in love – you have not forgotten us #thankyouJesus πŸ™Œ

Dear friends, 

9 days later, another airplane, flying back to Canada. My parents are situated in the hospital in Switzerland, that specializes in geriatric assessment and treatment.

Things don’t look too shabby now. We still do not have a clear picture, what the future holds and what our options are, but we are definitely closer to finding out. I leave them in the hands of the great physician – the one who holds all our tomorrows. As I may have mentioned before: if my parents are in his book of miracles, no power, nor demons, nor hell can oppose his healing power released upon them. 

This is what he promised me, this is what I believe, and this is what I trust and stand in the gap for.

Having my girl travel with me sure meant a lot to me – her presence gave me strength. Thank you Holy Spirit to prompt me to take her. 

On one level it was hard to leave Switzerland now, but the knowledge, that God is with them and watching over them, gives me great comfort. Plus, I will be back shortly. Just a little over 3 weeks and my children and I will be back. 

When I booked my trip, I had no definite plan, as to how things would work out: no beds in the hospital, no knowledge of in what condition I would find my father. 

Seeing him for the first time after pretty much 3 months…..he looked way better than I thought. Praise God. Thank you Jesus.

The day after I landed I had a bed for my father for last Tuesday, my mother’s check up with regards to the urologic procedure she had to have, before we left for Canada in August scheduled for Wednesday, a bed for her for Thursday. 

Today my niece is coming to Switzerland to spend the weekend with them. Praise God.

If this is not divine intervention and orchestration at it’s best, I don’t know, what is.

Today I am flying back, my heart is at rest, at peace. I am still, because I know, that he is God. I know that their health is in his hands and that he has placed the right people at the right places, to move mountains for them. Now they only have to believe and trust, that Jesus loves them, and that their best is yet to come…..cause: with Christ all things are possible. 

My friends, we still covet your prayers…..please keep lifting my parents to the throne of God. Pray for healing and restoration. 

I am forever grateful for your faithfulness. Jesus knew, that I needed you….. – thank you for being my friends and allowing me to share my story, my troubles and the way that Jesus has changed my life for the so much better. 

My prayer is and forever will be, that my account will encourage you to place your cares and your life in his hands. Jesus loves you so much – when you reach out, he will walk with you through your struggles and strengthen you, just as he has strengthened me.

Be still and know, that he is God – Cast all your cares on him, for he cares for you.

Forever your friend


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