In Awe at his faithfulness.

What has been intended for evil, you turn it for our good, and for your glory – thank you Jesus. You are perfect in love, you have not forgotten us – thank you Jesus πŸ™ŒπŸ˜˜

Hello my friends,

I stand in awe at his amazing faithfulness: yesterday my timehop stated, that a year ago true Grace had happened to us…..and that all of his promises are true, especially the one stated above, that all things work together for our good.

Honestly, as I read this on timehop yesterday, I couldn’t even remember, what had happened two years ago. Today there was a blog post of mine, that had been published a year ago: ‘It’s been a year’ – well, now I do remember. And given the circumstances of that moment in time two years ago, God has come through for us and caused it to work for our best. 

Our best is a wonderful and fun filled relationship with my son. I got to personify God’s grace to him that day. I understood, what happened when Jesus was on the cross, and the magnitude of his sacrifice, which reaches into today, and very specifically into my son’s life – and mine for that matter. 

I dare to say, that we would all not be at the place, where we are today, we would not have all these redemptive moments of the last 2 years, where Jesus very clearly showed us, that he is here, that he loves us, that he is my boy’s father and that he goes out of his way, to bless his beloveds – his chosen ones.

Thank you Jesus. Therefore I count it all joy, even the hardships and challenges in life. They drew me closer into his arms. I can never ever leave this wonderful place of comfort, of trust and pure joy. Life in his presence is worth it all.

So, here I stand, and I say thank you for all the pain and the hardships over the years……as I would not live in his presence the way I do now, had it not been for all of it. 

The lessons I learned, the mistakes I made, the wrong choices I made, the tears I cried, the pain I suffered – it all brought me closer and closer into the arms and the presence of my beloved. This is where I belong, this is where I need and want to be.

Thank you, Jesus for your great love! For your Mercy, for you Grace and for your Forgiveness – for dying for me…..that I might live my wildest dreams and have life to the fullest. I love you, and I will love you for all eternity.

The greatest challenges in the past, meant the greatest blessings, because you drew me close.

My friends, he loves you just the same. With him, your best is yet to come. 

Your friend, 


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