Standing with Jesus….

Trading my sorrows, trading my pain for his everlasting love and life of abundance

Hello friends,

I am trading my pain, trading my sorrows for his everlasting love and the life of abundance, he died for. Making his sacrifice count for my life today.

Turning a page, releasing all of me for all of him. Today, tomorrow, always. God is good.

I need to let go of the past. Not dwell on the former things, but trusting and choosing to see, that he truly is doing a new thing, that the new beginning is here. Now. At my fingertips.

The spirit guides me into the fullness of life. Letting go of these memories, that bound me to the life of false responsibility. Letting go of the lies, that bound me to living by works, not by his grace.

Jesus, I need you, to show me the way. I am willing to step out in faith and confidence. I can’t keep waiting. My time is now. Please come and get me, help me to cut unhealthy ties and free me from bondage, that is still holding me down.

I have a purpose and a mission. Other people not stepping up, should not hold me down, from living the purpose and the dream you prepared for me.

Thank you for renewed strength. Thank you for a greater measure of faith. Thank you for your deep love. I love you to pieces. You always put a smile on my face, even when all I can do is weep. Smiling through the tears, and seeing the crown of life handed to me. Thank you for teaching me to look up always.

You are my one and only. I cannot resist your love. Amen. Praising you for all that you are and all that you do. 💗


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