This is who I am ๐Ÿ™Œ

Hello my friends,

I just want to give you a bit of detail about who I am, and why I am writing these blogs…..

First off, I started writing in September 2011. A lot has happened that year, and at first I was writing just for myself, sort of processing everything, that was going on….it soon became an amazing tool, to get in contact with all that I had bottled up for years…..hidden there, festering for far too long.

I could sense, that the Lord was indeed doing a new thing in my life. I started publishing my blog in November 2011. The first blog (published with very quickly turned into 5 blogs with


And then two more with

And now this one.ย 

God has been my guide, the Spirit of the Lord has been my inspiration to write these blogs – and my hope and prayer is, that my story, or better, how the Lord has turned me around from an insecure woman, into a woman resting securely in who she is in Christ, trusting the promises of God to an extend I never even dreamed possible, will inspire you to believe that he can do the same in your life.ย 

Again, I feel, that I have reached another threshold in my walk with my beloved, and that is why I start another blog, writing about everything the Lord puts into my heart, trusting and believing, that it will inspire you to trust him with your heart as well.

It feels, as if I am embarking on another journey all together yet, where the blogging will not take center stage anymore……there are new things on the horizon, that I will elaborate on later.ย 

For now, I want to encourage you, to read up on my old blogs, if you want to find out more about my walk with the Lord, and to welcome you to this new blog.

As it stands, I am not yet finished with the old one, but the Lord gave me this new title today, so I thought, I get started with this page. I look forward to meeting you here soon.

In the meantime, may God bless you more and more.

Your friend always,ย 


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